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Scan any of the 171 million items in our database to find instant product and online store info right on your smartphone. Download the free Barcode Lookup Mobile App on your iOS or Android device.

Our app transforms your smartphone or tablet into a handheld barcode scanner. Unlock important information about your favorite products in seconds including:

Detailed product descriptions
Competitive pricing
Deals from online retailers
Customer reviews
Manufacturer information
Product images

Scan and save

Barcode scanner

Frustrated because you don’t have time to compare prices at different stores? Tired of visiting multiple websites just to look for the best deals?

Now, you can shop around without shopping around.

The Barcode Lookup Mobile App makes it easy to find the best prices for your favorite products. Whether you’re at home, at work or at a store, just scan a barcode and receive up-to-date information about online retailers who offer the same product at a lower price.

What’s everyone else saying?


Have you ever come across a product you really want to buy but you’re afraid it might not live up to all the hype? You need feedback from people who’ve already purchased it.

Through the Barcode Lookup Mobile App, you can check customer reviews for the products you scan. This means you can make quicker decisions about important purchases.

No barcode?  No problem!

Phone in hand

If you can’t scan a barcode because it’s covered, distorted or missing, just search for the product in our app’s database of 171,289,970 unique products from over 1,500 retailers.

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So what are you waiting for? Start saving time and money today with the free Barcode Lookup Mobile App, available in the Google Play and App Store.

Multiple formats supported

Barcode formats

There are different barcode formats for different products. Whatever you’re searching for, scanning is seamless because the Barcode Lookup Mobile App supports multiple barcode formats including UPC, EAN and ISBN codes.

It ain’t rocket science

Using the app is a cinch! From the structure, to the layout, to the design... our developers have pulled out all the stops to make sure our app is fast, simple and straightforward to use.

Scanner screen


Tap on the Scanner tab to scan a barcode using your device's built in camera.

Store screen


Use the Stores tab to find online retailers who sell the product you just scanned.

Information screen


Tap on the Information tab to see product reviews, images, and other important details about your scanned product.

Search screen


Can’t scan a barcode for some reason? Don’t worry. Just use the Search screen to type in a product name and fetch matching results.

The History tab lets you view previous barcode and product searches.

Configure the app to select the screen you want to see by default.

Don’t wanna BUY the app?  Good.  Because it’s FREE!

  • Make your life easier
  • Change the way you shop
  • Buy faster, smarter, cheaper
Scanner screen

Download the free Barcode Lookup Mobile App from Google Play or the App Store today.