Frequently Asked Questions

A barcode is a unique code that identifies a specific product. It includes a particular set of numbers, as well as a unique pattern of stripes – or "bars". This pattern enables computers and optical readers, like the ones you see at the checkout counters of retail stores, to recognize the code. The list of numbers, on the other hand, are useful for people like you, who can type them into the Barcode Lookup search engine to find info on that specific product.
Yes! Different countries and regions use different barcode formats. The U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand use barcodes that are called Universal Product Codes (UPCs), and most other countries use the UPC format, too. On the other hand, many retailers in Europe and other areas use a barcode format called International Article Number (EAN, since it used to be called European Article Number). Books often use their own special type of barcode format, called the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
A product's package may not tell you the details you need to know about that product. It may not say where the product comes from, who makes it, how durable it is, how well it does what it's supposed to do, or how much other stores are charging for it. When you enter a barcode into Barcode Lookup, you're tapping into an international database of information about millions of products sold worldwide – their manufacturers, their descriptions, and even photos and customer reviews. We'll also show you online stores that carry that exact item, so you can find discount deals on it.
Our barcode info comes straight from a worldwide network of more than 1,500 retailers. These companies send us regular updates on all the barcodes in their inventory systems – which means we've got just about every kind of product in our database. Whether you're looking for a common grocery item or an unusual piece of electronics equipment – or anything in between – we'll search our database for your barcode, and use our custom application to show you useful information on the product's price, reputation, and more.
The Internet offers a lot of options for generating and buying your own unique barcodes, to use in retail stores and e-commerce shops all across the world and around the Web. Start with your search engine, and run a search for terms like "buy your own barcode." You'll see sites that'll make it easy for you to buy and register a barcode for your product. Please be aware that some types of barcodes are designed for specific kinds of products and situations – so before you buy a barcode, check up on the rules.
Not at this time. But as outlined in the section just above, it's easy to find online stores that will be happy to sell you one.
The first step is to make sure your product – and its barcode – are offered on one of several large online retailers such as eBay or Walmart. Each product must also have its own barcode, description and image on any of those sites. All this info is important, because we use it to verify the information you've provided about your product. This is how we make sure all the info in our barcode database is accurate, and doesn't come from someone who's creating fake product profiles. If your product listings meet all the requirements above, get in touch with us and we'll outline the next steps in the process.
We do work with a large list of online retailers – but we're selective about who we include on that list, because our users trust us to provide recommendations on quality, trustworthy online stores. If you're interested in being listed as an online store for any product in our database, please contact us.
We're sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, we can't help with any product issues, because we're not a manufacturer, a distributor, or a retailer. All we do is maintain a database of barcodes and product info for customers to look up. We suggest you get in touch with the retailer from whom you purchased the product, and explain the issue you're having.
Not necessarily. Although our database contains info on millions of barcodes and products, that doesn't mean we have every single barcode used anywhere in the world. If your search doesn't return information on a certain barcode, it simply means we don't have it yet. Unfortunately, if you can't find any information in our database about a particular barcode, that means we don't know anything about that particular item.
All orders are custom quoted. Check out our Bulk Lookup and API pages for more info. Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse any order.