Data Submission Guidelines

Review our submission guidelines before you add or edit a product.

  • Language
    Every field submitted must be written in English. Please translate any foreign content.
  • Text Styling
    Don't overuse capitalization or abbreviate words unnecessarily in the product fields.
  • Image Upload
    Images must be in JPG or PNG format. At least one image must be uploaded.
  • Image Format
    Products must be clearly identifiable and on a white background with no branding.
  • Complete Information
    Add as many product identification numbers and attributes as possible.
  • Data Accuracy
    Make sure the information you submit is accurate and useful.
  • Category Selection
    Search for the most appropriate deep-level category for your product.
  • Image Size
    Uploaded files must not exceed 2MB and must be a minimum of 300px by 200px.
  • Description
    A detailed product summary must be written in the description field.
  • Store Promotion
    Don't include URLs or phone numbers in the description. Stores are added separately.