Barcode Lookup API

Integrate your app with our UPC, EAN and ISBN database.

Are you developing a website, desktop or mobile application that needs to pull barcode data and other product information? The Barcode Lookup API makes it easy to integrate our product database with your shopping application, barcode scanning app or inventory management system. Make an API call by sending us a barcode number or search term — that's all there is to it! Our proprietary software returns the product's name, category, description, images, retail pricing and more.

How to make an API call

The API call URL starts with the following:

Add any parameters to the URL, separated by ampersands (&)


Make sure your key is always included at the end of the URL


API call examples

Search by Barcode

Search by Term

When you search by term, our API lets you use multiple search parameters at once to narrow down your results. For example, in a single API call you can use the 'Brand', 'Category' and 'MPN' search parameters.

Output Example

Parameters for API

Product NameStringWool Area Rug
CategoryStringClothing > Activewear
ManufacturerStringToshiba America, Inc.
SearchStringRed Nike Running Shoes
GeoStringUS, CA, GB, EU

  • Barcode, MPN, ASIN, Product Name, Manufacturer or Brand — query our database by using any of these product attributes.
  • Category — filter results by category name (all products in the Barcode Lookup database are categorized using Google's product taxonomy).
  • Search — query all term parameters simultaneously including MPN, Product Name, Brand, Manufacturer and Category.
  • Page — use this for pagination with the MPN, Product Name, Brand, Manufacturer, Category and Search parameters (10 results per page).
  • Geo — filter store data by geographical area (United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Europe).
  • Formatted — display the results in your web browser in a clean format that's easy to read.
  • Key (required field) — use your active API key for all requests.
  • Rate Limits (not a parameter) — check how many API calls you’ve made within one minute and one month using this endpoint.

Fields Returned by API

Field NameTypeValue
Barcode TypeStringUPC
Barcode FormatsStringUPC 736211911186, EAN 0736211911186
Product NameStringLeather Skipping Rope
TitleStringA New Earth
CategoryStringCamping & Hiking > Tents
ManufacturerStringFord Motor Company
BrandStringMichael Kors
LabelStringUniversal Music Group
AuthorStringMalcolm Gladwell
PublisherStringPenguin Books
ArtistStringMichael Jackson
ActorStringAl Pacino
DirectorStringSteven Spielberg
StudioStringUniversal Pictures
Audience RatingStringPG-13
IngredientsStringTomatoes, Onions, Celery
Nutrition FactsStringCalories 75, Protein 6g
Package QuantityString4
LengthString2.6 inches
WidthString7.4 inches
HeightString3.5 inches
WeightString1.29 lbs
Release DateString1994
DescriptionStringDetailed product description...
Featuresarray•Sturdy •Real Wood •2 Year Warranty
StoresArrayStore Name, Price, URL and Currency
ReviewsArrayName, Rating, Title, Review, Datetime

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