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Our online database is growing fast and YOU can help us grow it even faster. Add as many products as you want for free! And it will always be free. Why? Because we trust your knowledge and we rely on individuals just like you to help us grow our database every day. Using our quick and easy online system, you can add new barcodes or edit existing ones in just a few minutes.

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Are we missing your product in our database? Add it right now! Barcode Lookup serves thousands of users every single day and by adding your product to our database, you can instantly increase your online exposure.

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At Barcode Lookup, we're passionate about big data. And big data is created by millions of small inputs. That's why every contribution matters.

Our free and open barcode database invites users to share and submit product information so all of us can benefit. This enables us to grow our database bigger, faster and better day after day. The end result is an ironclad online community with fully accessible and extensive product data.

We're greater thanks to you

Greater thanks to you

We're a team of appreciative folks and we want you to know how grateful we are for your contributions. By combining forces together, we can create an invaluable online resource. Thank you for your time, effort and support as we work hard to build the world's largest online product database.

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