A Day with SpongeBob SquarePants: the Movie (Unauthorized Mockumentary)
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A Day with SpongeBob SquarePants: the Movie (Unauthorized Mockumentary)

(2 Stars)
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by Cherrycola2000 // 11.09.2015


I found this movie at a goodwill. My Girlfriend was donating some stuff so while she was talking to the guy I went inside. You never know what you could find in those places. And would you believe it Read More >>

I was given this movie at a friends birthday party because he didnt want it.

by this movie sucks // 01.20.2016


Around 2012 I was given this dvd from a friend at his birthday party. This movie sucks. A kids ear is CUT OFF. And the animation gives me the creeps. The way spongebob laughs is so weird. I literally Read More >>

Worst movie I've seen in years

by Jeb723 // 02.04.2016


I dont know how to describe this movie, the unauthorized mocumentary label given by its producers dont help anything at all. This movie is an embarrassment to mockumentaries everywhere and thats reall Read More >>


by Moe Jarolds // 02.12.2016


Ive just finished seeing this movie and it was the best mockumentary ever. I loved watching this movie with my children. For those who dont want to navigate to another page heres the synopsis In this Read More >>

Crap Movie

by Mark Brewbert // 02.13.2016


I downloaded the movie off the internet to see what all the fuss was about on lost media wiki. The movie was quite boring and the production was crap.

This movie was weird. 410

by Russel Shwartz // 05.03.2016


This movie was really weird with the poor quality and animation. A kids ear gets cut off for some reason and the theme in the beginning is off putting. Theres this scene during the middle of the movie Read More >>

Amazing Movie

by Jeff Cena // 05.28.2016


Got it off Netflix. Its AMAZING. You should watch it. Plankton actually steals the formula and makes Chummie Patties or Chummies. Mr Krabs makes a new food called Angel Patties which prove more popula Read More >>


by Linda Bailey // 06.28.2016


I dont understand all the hype around this movie. I hope it stays lost. Back when it was first released I purchased it for my son at a supermarket because he loves Spongebob. We watched it together th Read More >>

great movie hope kickstarter goes well

by somerandomguywholikesmovies // 02.10.2017


i read the script seems like a comedy kids and adults could enjoy i will support this movie 100 along the way


by Ranina // 02.04.2018


Never released never got to see it all my hopes up for nothing


by Guacam013 // 05.12.2018


So this kid named Seth gets his ear cut off, and also when I tried to lift up the box, it was 25 pounds! SERIOUSLY! LOOK ABOVE!!! Also it has a lot of nudity and I didn't know that SpongeBob was in to Read More >>

Garage Sale Movie, disturbing content

by Smirkydevil52 // 08.29.2018


Found at a garage sale, thought it would be cool for the kiddos, since they like sponge bob. Apparently, some kid got his ear cut off! For a sponge bob movie this was off-putting, so I threw it away.

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